Uamuzi App

Uamuzi App

About Our App

Uamuzi is a Swahili word that translates to Decision in English. Uamuzi App is a mobile based social media application and Short Message Service (SMS) platform that connects citizens with their representatives in local administrations. It opens a virtual space to improve the relationship between decision makers and citizens, discuss problems and solutions thereto, needs and concerns of local communities, as well as to identify joint solutions through a meaningful engagement process.

Uamuzi App has considered the role of citizens at the center of public activities and is involved in clearly defined ways in public life at the local level. The platform ensures active participation through the Tubonge feature (Chat room) which engages citizens from every level of governance i.e. the Ward, Constituency and County level. Tubonge is a slang that translates to Let’s Talk. Uamuzi App ensures that all voices including those of the less privileged and most vulnerable are heard and taken into account in decision making.

Citizen participation is any activity that shapes, affects, or involves individuals and interests groups (non-governmental organizations or private companies) in policy development processes that are clearly demonstrated in Uamuzi App. Essentially, citizen participation is part of a democratic process.

Uamuzi App

Why Our App

Why Download The Uamuzi App?

  • ● Technology

    - Use of technology is growing in Kenya by day. In fact, Kenya is leading in technology use among African countries. This makes it easier to reach a bigger audience within no time. While other platforms provide for the interaction, they do not provide a direct link between the leaders and their constituents. Uamuzi App is a platform that has been developed with the aim of enabling leaders to interact with their electorate at the Ward, Constituency, County and at the National level without having interference from members of other regions.

  • ● Crowd sourcing

    - Crowd sourcing has revolutionized the information age and brought to light some ideas that would have never seen the day. Crowd sourcing is an ideal tool for the National and County governments to get ideas and feedback from its constituents on how to solve their problems. Crowd sourcing is a perfect way for leaders to actively engage the citizens. Uamuzi App is a powerful tool for crowd sourcing since it involves online activity.

  • ● Uniqueness

    - Uamuzi App consists of interaction between the leaders and the citizens at every level of governance. It’s also unique in the fact that it is made by Kenyans for Kenyans and for Africans to make a better, interactive, problem solving Country and Continent as a whole for its growth and enhancement.

Uamuzi App

Download Links for Both Apps

Uamuzi has two apps; Uamuzi App for the citizens and Uamuzi App Leader for the leaders, both incumbents and aspirants. This is because of the different functionalities that exist in the two apps. There is subscription charge for leaders as they sign up on the platform. This is to verify their accounts to avoid misinformation to the public using dummy accounts. The citizens are not charged upon signing up on the platform.

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Data Protection and Security

The company appreciates that Data Privacy and Data Security are different and are important aspect of the work it does. Data Privacy governs how data is collected, shared and used. Sensitive information it collects and can be accessed by all types of people and applications, and with this in mind, appropriate measures to prevent breach of data privacy/security is being taken.

The Company has a privacy policy that is accessible to the users, which is to be read and understood before signing up on the platform. This privacy policy has been guided by the General Data Protection Regulation of 2016 and Data Protection Act of 2019. With this in mind, measures have been put in place in collecting data such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII) which includes encryption of data, access of the same is restricted and also multiple overlapping monitoring systems. The data collected is neither shared to and with third parties.

Data security protects data from compromise by external attackers and malicious insiders. The company educates and trains employees on data protection once they come on board so that they understand the processes and procedures necessary to ensure proper collection, sharing and use of sensitive data as part of a data security portfolio. Monitoring of the network for suspicious activity is conducted and implementation of Zero Trust Model, which restricts access to the entire network by isolating applications and segmenting network access based on user permissions, authentication and user verification is implemented by the company.